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Those of you who are used to seeing us out and about at Shropshire’s many food events may have noticed that we have been conspicuous by our absence of late. We’d like to just let you know that we are still about – we’ve just been tied up lately with many goings on.

First of all, all of the SY1 Protein team have been busy with babies – which we are sure you will understand makes it very difficult to operate a business such as ours where we pride ourselves in producing luxury handmade products!

Our handmade products have been proudly made in our home kitchen until now, however with so many little fingers in the equation and all that goes with it, we made a decision in September to find a new premises where we could continue to make our handmade goods but separate out the work and family aspects and ensure that we continued to manufacture your protein products to the very highest of standards.

Unfortunately, negotiations with our chosen location fell through at the last minute after they made unexpected changes to the initial offer that meant the agreement would no longer be financially viable. As a result, we’ve not been able to manufacture for the last few weeks, having to channel our energies instead into securing a premises.

However, we are proud to announce that we have now managed to find a location that will allow us not only to get the show back on the road at the earliest opportunity, but also give us an opportunity to explore some new ideas and bring you an even better range of top quality handmade protein products – proudly manufactured right here in SY1!

We can’t wait to see our customers old and new at an event near you in the very near future!