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SY1 Protein Ready for Ludlow

Well it’s finally here and we are all ready for our first ever event, which just happens to be Ludlow Food Festival.  We have managed to secure a stand for the Sunday so will be there int he castle from 9:30 until 5 selling a small range of our shakes as well as some sweet treats.  On Friday I spent the day making Goji berry energy bars which are like healthy flapjacks all bound together with agave nectar.

Also managed to roll up a load of different energy bars, mostly date, seed or nut based and covered raw cacao or coconut.  These taste amazing and are all vegan friendly.  A form favourite more for those wanting a post workout treat are our nut butter cups which are a healthy version of reese’s pieces and the protein cookie dough balls.

The shakes we have bottled up are the most popular in our taste tests, these include “The Nutty Chimp” a creamy blend of almond milk, chocolate caramel protein, bananas and peanut butter.  The Mighty Vegan also makes an appearance which is a thick smoothie style shake with a blend of mixed berries, spinach, banana’s and vegan protein powder.

The other 2 shakes are an autumn edition to take advantage of the wealth of blackberries this time of year – Berry Blast! the final one is my favourite and tastes just like apple pie – The Protein Apple Pie shake.

Here;s a quick gallery of our preparation from today.