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Recipe testing week

Its been a busy week planning out the recipes and doing some intense recipe testing for the bottles we are taking to Ludlow Food Festival, and since it’s our first trial run we opted for no more than 200 bottles.

With this in mind I wanted to try and do a large selection of recipes to cover all the bases, including vegan, low fat, paleo and juices but it turns out labels are really expensive, to produce and of course a legal requirement when it comes to selling bottled shakes and juices.

That put a spanner in the works as each different label will cost a quite a bit  regardless of volumes.  Being a new business startup we want to try and at least break even at our first event so we had to refocus our original plans.  So this has brought us down to 4 different recipes, some slightly different from our planned main menu.

So from those discussions we are going for the following after some taste testings and constructive feedback from friends, workmates and family.

The shakes:

Protein Apple Pie – A mix of apples, banana’s, vanilla whey, almond milk and cinnamon. (Possibly a teaspoon of oats as well)

Nutty Chimp – Banana, Chocolate whey, almond milk and peanut butter.

The Mighty Vegan – Spinach, banana, mixed berries, vegan blend protein (pea/rice/hemp) with chia seeds and almond milk.

Baby Hulk – Spinach, celery, banana, apple, lemon/lime, vanilla protein powder and almond milk

All of the shakes are high in protein, and full of healthy fats and only have natural sugars.  We haven’t added any honey or fruit syrups, relying on the ingredients to give it a nice taste.

We hope the small range will be popular, as it is our first ever market and will be offering a small range  of foodstuffs along with these.

Food wise we will have some freshly cooked egg muffins, Pumpkin energy bites, protein choco truffles, cookie dough protein balls along with a buddah bowl and a healthy salad (still to be decided)

Remember to come and find us at the food festival on Sunday 11th September in Ludlow Castle.  Yesterday saw the arrival of our credit card machine, so we just need to plan out our stand, order some uniforms and plan out the logistics of getting it all there on the day I suppose.

We are also on facebook now so please follow us at www.facebook.com/sy1protein

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