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Fantastic 1st Day at Ludlow Food Festival

The alarm went off at 5am and neither of us wanted to crawl out of bed at such a ridiculous time on a Sunday morning.  Previous to that we had spent the past 2 days making our fitness food, protein balls, energy bars and probably enough protein shakes to feed a small army.

But after a couple of alarm snoozes we were up and although looking like extras from the walking dead we managed to get the car loaded up, cat fed and watered and even managed some overnight oats! (Good thinking there Sam)

The drive the Ludlow didn’t take long, well it didn’t for me as I wasn’t driving and I’m pretty sure I dozed off again.  And arriving in Ludlow we queued up to enter the castle, only to be told our stand was outside on the market not int he castle.  I will be the first to admit I obviously hadn’t read the correspondence from the organisers as I had actually paid for an outside market stall not one of the premium castle spots.  There went my chance to grab a sneaky 10 minutes wandering round the castle and trying to find the Beefy Boys burger van 🙁

I must admit at this point we thought we had no chance of selling, we were literally the first people there, the place was littered with beer cans and empty chip boxes and all we could imagine was setting up our stall and being surrounded by the local butchers and greengrocers looking like right idiots.

But we soon got to work, cleaning the stall down of leftover kebab and spilt Stella, and crafted our first ever stall as best we could with the little we had.  Then things started looking up, a young chap and his mum turned up with some of the finest handmade cheeseboards I have ever seen setup next to us, they were a lovely couple and Lawson has just finished college and I couldn’t believe the workmanship of these, all handcrafted from his parents garage.  He hasn’t got a website but I have his number if anyone missed them and wanted a cheeseboard, just drop me a message or comment.

Then a lovely couple rode up on a motorbike with a sidecar and started pulling out all manner of weird and wonderful handcrafted jewellery pieces, my favourite was the half penny and six pence cuff links.  I found out they are from Nantwich and make their jewellery and whatnot’s out of old antiques.  Again no website but they are called Wingers and I have their number if you need it.

Things were looking up, we got a bit more excited we were in the right place and waited, and waited….  The place was looking a bit empty still but all of a sudden more people turned up and setup stalls, the stall to the right of us was run by an absolute star of a women (we think they were Tony’s Bakery ) who helped us immensely, offering advice on what to do, reassurance when we thought it was not working out and advice on where to put the food so it actually sold 🙂

The people exhibiting at Ludlow were absolutely amazing though, the guys from BigHorn Biltong were ever so helpful again offering good sound advice for us festival newbies.  Next time I’m taking some time out and buying some as well as I love beef jerky!

One of my favourites and again a lovely couple who were selling the handmade dog biscuits who chatted for me for ages when they knew we were on our first event and gave me loads of good advice, and I completely forgot to grab a card or the website address. Seriously if I had a dog I would have bought that stand up!

As the day went on we met some amazing people who visited our stand, and we were so chuffed our food and shakes were well received.  The feedback we got was terrific with everyone loving the Goji Energy bars, the last minute key lime balls and the raw chocolate energy balls.  The Nutty Chimp shake was the most popular along with the Mighty Vegan shake so we know what sells well in that area.  The Berry Blast wasn’t as popular as we would’ve expected but we took the feedback and know how to improve it in future.  We had plenty of requests for gluten free and an online store so we are going to put more effort into this area along with more protein based sweet treats like brownies and get that protein doughnut recipe finished off.

Loads of people signed up to our newsletter as well, and we will announce the winner in the next couple of weeks, once we know we have a viable doughnut we can post out.

We would both just like to thank everyone who stopped by, gave us advice, tried our samples, bought our produce and took a business card or signed up to the newsletter,  We really do appreciate it and we now know we made the right decision to offer up a range of healthy food to Shropshire and the surrounding areas.  Roll on Ludlow Food Festival 2017.


Duncan & Sam