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Evolution of the #fitbar

Here at SY1Protein we have been running now for around 6 months and started off selling energy balls, luxury slices and some lip smackingly good cheesecakes.

As we have worked our regular Shrewsbury Farmers market and attended local networking events, the biggest question we get asked is when we are doing a packaged protein bar?

Well we always had it in mind to do a balanced bar but since starting up we were so busy playing catch up from event to event that we didn’t have time to sit and design such a bar.  Normally January would be a busy month of going round gyms and promoting like crazy since most people are starting their new years resolutions but we decided to take that time out and design our new #fitbar.

The #fitbar name

The name itself took long enough and quite  a few sleepless nights to be honest.  Its hard to come up with a decent name that hasn’t already been taken in energy/protein bar circles.  The bar itself has been made for anyone to eat so tried to represent that int he name.

I tried to keep it local and had a few ideas like the SY-Bar, Salop Bar, Mon Bar & Wrekin Bar but none really stuck so eventually just started writing out fitness related words and googling them to see if they had been taken.

Turns out #fitbar wasn’t taken so went with that, and to tie it into Shropshire I am using images of Shropshire in our adverting and stands.  The one you see here will go on our first box for our Farmers Markets.

The #fitbar taste

I wanted the #fitbar to be something that everyone could eat.  You don’t have to be into fitness to enjoy our bars and I crafted the recipes as such.  We spent even more time trying to perfect the taste of the bars and have come up with 3 distinct recipes to start of with and figure we will go from there.  The use of brown rice protein gives the bars their distinct texture but also gives them the all important protein boost we needed.

The dates and agave gives the bars just enough sweetness to counteract the bitter raw cacao powder with the other ingredients complimenting each bar to make everyone taste unique.

Protein bar logo & names

I wanted t show the bars were good for athletes in every sport, although didn’t want to go over the top on the logo.  As we produce different recipes I plan to add more different sports that are traversing the logo but try not to concentrate on bodybuilding or weightlifting as I’m hoping our bars will suit people from all sports.

The names of the bars were probably the hardest to figure out and Sam and I spent many a night pondering over the names, in fact it was harder to choose bar names than baby names for our little boy who is due in June 🙂

I wanted to try and include parts of sports, slang but also capture some of the ingredients and blend it into catchy and memorable names.  I think I have achieved it with these ones and every time I look at them they make me laugh.  My favourite has to be Rock the Cash’ Bar – a take on rock climbing and showing its a cashew nut based bar.   Berry Buff is Sam’s favourite.

Protein bar nutrition

We will speak about the benefits of our bars and nutritional make up in a page as we launch the bars, but they are packed with a decent ratio of slow and fast burning carbs for instant energy along with slower burning energy.  The proteins come from the nuts and seeds we use with around 7g of protein per bar.

We worked closely with a local nutritionist to design these bars so they were not only perfect for snacking on but perfect for athletes, bodybuilders and general fitness minded people.

How will we sell them?

Well, we are taking them out to our markets first and foremost to like everyone in Shropshire try them 🙂

Then we will be launching them on our site to buy individually, boxed or by monthly subscription.  They will also feature in some healthy boxes and are in talks now to get them into fit boxes and protein boxes on Instagram.

If you have tried them please let us know what you think, we are always open to feedback and will improve and change our bars based on the feedback we get through our events and online.


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