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Cruelty Free Fair – Wightman Theatre – 10th December 2016

Another event over and this time we took to the stage (literally) to visit the Cruelty Free Fair in the Wightman Theatre.  The first thing most people ask is where is the Wightman Theatre, and until around a month ago we wouldn’t have even known.  The Wightman Theatre is right next to Carluccios off the Square in Shrewsbury.

It’s open for stage shows and also as a music venue and shows movies by the looks of it, is very popular amongst the locals of Shrewsbury with events coming up such as Mercury award nominee songwriter John Bramwell, Die Hard the play by John McTeirnan and much more.

So make sure you visit their website, or pop by and see whats on.  This event however was purely a vegan event and seemed to attract a fair few stallholders this time around.  It was on last year around the same time and was popular then.  Looking around we saw some vegan one, beer by the Brewdog Company, street food by a Scottish chap from Bridgnorth, Natures kitchen and some lovely Soy candles.  there was plenty more including Vegan cosmetics and lovely stuffed toys.

We were at the top of the theatre, and although a bit dark to start with we seemed confident that the footfall would make it worth our while.  At 11 o’ clock sharp the doors were opened and visitors poured in straight away.  Whether it was the promise of a free goody bag, getting out of the cold or they just couldn’t wait to see what everyone was selling was yet to be established.  But we didn’t wait long making our first sale at 2 minutes past 11 and it continued all day long.

We met people that had travelled as far as Norwich, and a few lovely people from Canada and the us who just happened to be passing, and the reception as always was really good.  Our samples flew out the door and we almost sold out of our mini Vegan Christmas puddings and the new Berry and Cacao bliss balls.  The cheesecakes did a roaring trade as always and we sold out of the Peanut Bokor one, and all but one of the Chocolate Orange ones (the last was basically nabbed by a small child on the promise his mum would pay – but think he had me over there as never saw him again!! *Note to self don’t believe everything random children tell you)

The event overall was very well organised by Michelle from Shropshire Veggies & Vegans , and the promotion leading up the event was really good, the on the day help from Colin, Andy and others was fantastic and I would definitely recommend it next time if you’re in the area.  I’m hoping a summer one will be on the cards and doesn’t clash with the food festival this time around.

Unfortunately I didn’t get many photos of the event but keep an eye on the Shropshire Vegans website and I’m sure some will turn up pretty soon.