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We have always tried to eat healthy non processed food and stay active on a daily basis.  We love keeping fit and treating ourselves to a sweet treat every once in a while (or in Duncans case every night).  We tried shop bought protein bars, muffins and brownies but didnt like all the additives, preservatives and E-numbers they came with. 

Shrewsbury is also a great foodie town, full of amazing cafes, restaurants, regular farmers markets and food festivals.  It’s hard not to be tempted by some of the cake stalls and bakeries and we would treat ourselves every once in a while to something not so healthy.

And that is when we decided Shrewsbury needed somewhere that like minded people following a healthy lifestyle could buy sweet treats, that were made using great fresh ingredients and could be eaten on the go, after a workout or just sitting at work in the afternoon.

We got to work creating our range of food and drinks.  I didn’t all go to plan and through trial and error we managed to get a small range together we knew people would love.    We trialled our creations on neighbours, friends and work colleagues.  We took the feedback and refined and improved our recipes until we knew we had the right products.

Then we took the plunge and registered for our first festival, Ludlow.  On the day of the festival we were absolutely blown away by the support of the people of Shropshire. They loved what were doing, our attitude to eating healthy and more importantly they loved our clean eating food!

Duncan McGregor

Director,  Founder of SY1 Protein
I created SY1 Protein as I’m passionate about maintaining a healthy fitness lifestyle and wanted to share that with others.

Shropshire is jam packed with like minded individuals who love this type of food so I decided to take my ideas out there and get more people eating healthy, living healthy and feeling better in themselves.

Sam McGregor

Recipe Creator, Joint Founder of SY1 Protein

I have been into clean eating now for 5 years and absolutely loving it, so when Duncan said he wanted to take his passion for food and drink further I was happy to get stuck in and help.

I’m currently studying to be a nutritionist and have a lot of input into what we sell.  I have a passion for helping others keep fit and live a healthy clean lifestyle.

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